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Media Incredibility and Governor Palin: A Challenge!

July 3, 2009
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We all know about how MSNBC reported a fake story cooked up by M. Eisenstadt who posed as a McCain campaign aide.  We all know about CNN ‘s Drew Griffin’s journalistic abuse of the truth in his interview of the Governor.  (Of course you can find numerous more examples of distortion and tall stories among the oh-so-credible anonymous writers of blogs.)  Then there is the concocted Wasilla rape kit smear that started with bloggers and got larger play in the public eye, the US Weekly “Babies, Scandals and Lies” cover page, and the fevered tag team Maddow-Gibson philistine attack on the Governor’s prayer for guidance in the Iraq war along with another major news rabidity detailed here:  It goes on and on. 

Let’s put aside the reasons why this was done and why it is still being done (see my earlier description of the recent Vanity Fair article and see the media coverage of the alleged email exchange between the Governor and McCain camp about the Alaskan Independence Party).  Instead, let’s issue a challenge to anyone who claims they can come up with indisputable iron-clan proof against the Governor of any of these charges or any other charge they think is worthwhile spending time debating. 

Come one, come all.  Our lance is ready.  Be prepared though because your “sources” just may end up being laughingstocks.

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  1. July 6, 2009 6:28 am

    So what are your sources that those stories “cooked up” are false… Quite frankly, I’ve never even heard of those except for the last one about the rape kit debacle. Can you explain what story Msnbc “cooked up” or what false reporting CNN did? Can you provide some links, video, proof, or is that too much to ask in order to support your post? You are doing the same thing that you claim you are against with this post. You’re posting mere biased hearsay as fact that the news media has it out for Sarah Palin…

    Whining about unfair media bias cost Hilary Clinton the presidency. It better serves you or whatever organization you represent to find a viable talking point other than the media has it out for me. I’m not so much against the thought that Sarah Palin as I am that it appears this is all she and her supporters talk about… The idea of “poor me” is unAmerican!

  2. July 7, 2009 4:51 am

    You still don’t get it… If the main talking point becomes defending yourself @ every turn than where and when do the issues come to the forefront? Too busy playing defense, and you get lost in what you’re trying to combat. Furthermore, you get defined by that same media. It’s time she pick a topic, stay on it long enough before she decides she has another higher calling, and run with it… You’ve dedicated an entire blog to defending her. Why not start promoting some of her ideas? Better yet, why not broaden your spectrum of discussion. I’d say the same thing to some Obamanut, who can see passed the tip of that man’s words. Individuals are easy to stop or not pay attention to, but ideas aren’t so easy to ignore… Just a word of advice from somebody who totally disagrees that Sarah Baracuda has a shot in hell to become anything but the former Gov. of Alaska…


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