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Crudities, Fabrications, Obsessions and Victory

July 2, 2009

The Knights entered the fray for this single cause:  to counter in some small way the malevolent media molestation the Governor and her family have endured.  It started with hearing reports about how MSNBC ran a story provided by one M . Eisenstadt who claimed to be a McCain campaign aide about how the Governor said Africa was a country.  THIS WAS A COMPLETE LIE.  As one blogger put it:  MSNBC was punk’d.  And then there was the Governor’s interview with Drew Griffin during which Mr. Griffin completely distorted a quote from an article in the National Review about the Governor’s qualifications.   The Governor held her ground in the interview, and the reporter’s excuse for an apology came the very next day.  I say excuse because he claimed to have misquoted the article when in fact the whole set up to the quote was “some conservatives have been hard on you” and the Knights do not believe that particular lead in could have been a mere cacalogy or teleprompter mistake.  See the transcript of the apology Griffin discussed with Wolf Blitzer at

It doesn’t end there.  Now people that don’t even know the Governor make outrageous claims about her mental well being, her inner soul, her family members.  People like Andrew Sullivan who asserts the Governor is a “pathological” liar, but has never met the woman, never spoken to her family or staff.  His sources are ready-in-5-minute hatchet jobs.   And then you have bloggers who appear to live on a mixture of hate and fear of the Governor, for example,,  and   What comes from this crowd are crudities, fabrications and some odd obsession with a Governor who was a VP candidate on a ticket that failed seven months ago! 

Politics is a rough sport.  No question.  And tough questions ought to be asked of any candidate who aspires to the public trust, the greater the trust, the tougher the questions.   And so a politician needs to be a mentally tough person.  It is a good quality when you consider that at the highest level of service you need to negotiate with the likes of Senators, Congressmen, Prime Ministers, Presidents and tyrants.   The Governor has shown her mental toughness. She has shown her true grit.  The books you can buy in any Alaskan grocery store checkout aisle next to the Cosmos describe true stories of courage and survival in the Alaskan wilderness.  It’s a tough state that breeds tough people.  The Governor, a direct descendant of one of the first pilgrims, is Alaskan, American, woman tough. 

And her victory has already come.  It came when she held up her little boy Trig for the world to see that this is the way Downs syndrome people should be treated, with love and respect, not with the cruel steel of abortorture instruments.

Shine on Governor.  Shine strong.

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  1. William Peck permalink
    July 3, 2009 2:15 pm

    I approved your comment on my blog, thanks again !

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