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Vanity Fair — Dust in the Wind

June 30, 2009

I read the article. It is so much liberal pablum. Here is what it boils down to: (i) empty and gratuitous insults (”deep ignorance” “disastrous election” “casual about the truth”) without any substance in the discussion — any real reporter would give us ungainsayable examples, (ii) anecdotes about her twittering and appearance at a party function, and (iii) begrudging recognition of the Governor’s ability to energize the party. At no time did the article discuss actual issues, like abortion, taxes, energy security, dealing with government corruption. It focuses only on the negative, including the piling on of ethics complaints against the Governor which rather pale next to our nouveau riche President’s date night for $250,000 to NY. Of course, the article overlooks the Governor’s masterful performance at the Convention and at the VP debate. It overlooks the crude, hateful, slimy attacks on her by the media, egging on the hateful democrat base.

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