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The Cowardly Letterman

June 12, 2009

Odds are the cowardly dirty-minded Mr. Letterman, in a fight for his life now with Conan O’Brien, will not take the sage advice of the Governor, to wit:  apologize to all young women and girls for his sick jokes.   Our Governor could not have spoken truer words nor made a more perspicacious comment on today’s crude society.  Pitiful attempts to defend Letterman really amount to the outrageous position that a comedian can say anything they want so long as they are trying to make a joke.  Don’t get us wrong here, we are all for free speech, but when that speech is full of hate and crudities, the speaker ought to be called out and excoriated. 

We call you out Mr. Funny Guy.  We call you a dirty man, a misogynist, a feeble minded jester hanging on to his ratings life. 

You have been measured and weighed.  And you have been found wanting.

The Knights

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